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Worked hours for this company and was not paid.The working conditions are like a sweat shop, the office was cramped and dirty, the owner is a disgusting chain smoking slime, who runs this boiler room from the back of his wifes mental health clinic.

The office had no water and a disgusting bathroom. The business itself was a joke, cold calling out of a phone book. If this *** will not pay his employees, what kind of job do you think the would do collecting debt ? There is another consumer complaining about Perretti and Leifer being a rip off.

This *** thinks running a boiler room cold calling out of a phone book, paying peanuts in embarrassing working conditions acceptable.He must think it's the 1970,s and judging by his full ash tray and clothes it might be.

Review about: Collection Agency.



I worked there as a Receptionist about 6 years ago.Every day, the "boss" would leave to go home and get drunk, then come back and go into his office and yell for me to go in there.

I would sit there shaking while he either sexually harassed me, or belligerently went on and on about why he was so rich. I got smart to it, and would refuse to move from the doorway when I went in there (so I could sneak out). One day he called the office from home and was yelling and slurring at me, and I just had ENOUGH. I grabbed my bag, went and said my goodbyes, and walked out.

I can't believe he is still in business.:cry


was this complaint by an ex employee?

i thought this was for consumers


a disgrunteled employee.and this is the only one? consider the source :) :)

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